Flame of the Lust: Kate’s Pool Pleasures

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Get ready for an extremely hot noon at the poolside as you are going to spend it with Katie - our erotic model who is undoubtedly in the mood for some mischievous games (hey, just like you are!) . And don't think about any very first approaching, dating or anything like that - the first decision you will need to make in this game is do you want to play with her cupcakes or with her booty first? But no matter what you wil choose all the"playing" will be happening in intercative format anyways - to progress further you will have to win some simple minigame and cram the joy club befoe Katie will tell you what she wants from you next... Game has three levels of difficulty setting which you can choose in the very beginning so you could choose the easy oneif Katie's kinks will be too distracting from the gameplay.