Dancing Queen: Flame of madness

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The same as any other gig kind"Dancing Queen" series which you migth have played here you will be loving interactive comics (or coloured manga if you will) about the experiences of the following one uber-cute appearing anime nymph who gets fucked pretty hard... and enjoy in other eprisodes all the texts are going to maintain japanese language so you will need to think out the story on your own by simply following the pictures (unless you understand the terminology ofocurse)! Fortunately the majority of the story will be about fucking so you will hardly miss a lot. To navigate thru pages use elementary set of button on the right side of game screen or let the story go because it is. This time it is going to be the story about cute looking lengthy haired chick getting revenged out of her nemesis thru having hookup with a pile of her henchmen.

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